I am a scientist looking for balance. I’ll write about interesting research, from my own field and from wherever else I find beauty, intrigue, and good story telling. I’ll also write about the activities that allow me some level of identity and happiness outside of research, namely, gardening and family.

Things I Call Art

Intentionally, I’ll try to keep my field and personal research vague, to maintain a pseudonymous blog, although for practical considerations, when it comes to gardening, I’m a container gardening enthusiast, living in a USDA zone 6a in Ontario, with a love for bromeliads, ferns, non-vascular plants, and Acers.

Having serious food allergies in the house, I have to make a great many things from scratch, thus the “stay-at-home” part of my title.

If you want to contact me, send an email to:
stayathomescientist [at] gmail [dot] com.